Rwanda Intore dancer film permit


Remarkable Rwanda is starting to get noticed globally as a shining example of development in Africa. It's not what people expect when they think of Africa and that's why it's such a great story and location for your next shoot. Kigali city is clean, organised, corruption is not tolerated, Government systems are digitized, people are united and in the  25+ years since the Genocide Against the Tutsi the Rwandan people and economy have shown what unity and ambition can do.

World Fusion Fixer Director, Katina is on the ground in Kigali with a great local team including crew, outside broadcasts and talent if needed. We are also able to supply drone footage since foreign crews cannot carry or fly drones within Rwanda.

Film permits are inexpensive with fast turnaround and the Rwandan Government is keen to please international crews - these are just a few reasons you should consider Rwanda as your next film location.

shoots locations & topiCs across rwanda

Wildlife shoots: Akagera National Park

Rwanda Akagera National Park Rhinos film permit

If you are looking for a national park without the crowds but still that special sub-Saharan African safari feel this is the location. A wonderful conservation story and home to the relocated lion's and black rhino.

Wildlife shoots: Mountain Gorillas

Rwanda Gorillas film permit

We can arrange exclusive access to a habituated family of Gorillas in Rwanda's birthplace of Gorilla conservation Volcanoe's National Park. We sort out your film permit as well as trekking permits for the crew.

Wildlife shoots: Chimpanzee & Primates

Rwanda Chimpanzee film permit

Rwanda's Chimpanzee, Golden Monkey and many endemic primate species can be found in Africa's oldest rainforest - Nyungwe Forest. The Golden Monkeys are the friendly neighbours of the Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park

Cultural shoots: History of King's

Rwanda King's Palace film permit

Interested to tell the tales of the King's and their lands before colonisation in Rwanda - we can take you to the palances and ceremonial lands with insightful research

Rwandan Genocide Against the Tutsi

Rwanda Genocide Against the Tutsi Memorial Film permit

If you need to incorporate a story on Rwanda's Genocide against the Tutsi we can assist with interviews, testimonial and Gacaca hearing files as well as take you out to communities that demonstrate what forgiveness and unity is all about.

Cultural shoots: Music, Dance & Art

Rwanda traditional dance film permit

Traditional Rwandan music, dance and art is so unique in the region. Whether its meeting the last artisans of the cow dung art that adorned the King's Palace, being confronted by the Intore warriors or hearing the traditional sounds of the Inanga traditional guitar/harp. The arts is a topic close to our Director's heart so expect some great stories here!

samples of published work for r

Maestro Productions: Duroob season 4 (Dubai TV) 

Episode 1 - Rwandan Genocide Against the Tutsi 

Maestro Productions: Duroob season 4 (Dubai TV)
Episode 2 - Rwandan village life and culture

Maestro Productions: Duroob season 4 (Dubai TV) 

Episode 3 - Rwanda Gorilla trekking